RazorCandi Gothic Desire


RazorCandi invites you to embrace your dark desires with her nipple pasties and a whole lot of shiny black elements which look fantastic on her, almost with a vampiric allure that makes you forget everything else that is not the gorgeous woman in front of you and the enthralling moves she is showing you, enamoring you bit by bit, getting you ready to see more, but at the same time concealing it just enough for your hunger to increase tenfold, so when she finally bares herself to you and lets you see her natural beauty, you feel even more drawn to her and her hypnotic embrace.

I like how she starts showing you her sexy body in her skimpy gothic outfit and then she starts playing with herself by just removing the essentials and leaving the rest of her clothes untouched so you can enjoy the erotic dark look that they give her. This picture set also has a related video where you can see more of the action uninterrupted and get a clearer picture of what went on in this dark and alluring set.

I’m expecting a lot of dark and alluring and skimpy and gothic in her forthcoming RazorCandi Gothic Punk Deathrock Pinup Coffee Table Art Book. Right now, it has met its funding goal and is definitely going to be published, but I’m hoping it hits its stretch goal and backers get free calendars too.



I always love shooting more goth themed looks, especially because they represent me a lot better. I felt something a little more sexy but dark would complement this location and I feel I made the right choice! Plus who doesn’t love ripped fishnets stretched over a bubble butt!? Hope you will enjoy watching this set and video as much as I enjoyed shooting it!




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