Flirtatious Anastassia’s Spicy Phaser Enterprise


Anastassia starts this shoot in an amazing way as she is not only posing with an enticing and deep gaze from the start, but she is also wearing a blue shirt and blue panties only, thus eliminating the need to take off her pants later on to show you her legs and other fun stuff, which is great forward thinking on her part.

She is also posing with a nice gun that makes her look very sexy when she holds it and poses pointing it and holding it confidently, even more so when the shirt comes off and she reveals the blue bra she has under it that matches her panties perfectly.

It is important that you pay attention to her phaser on this set, because she not only looks super-hot when she points it, but it is also the only thing that stays with her after her clothes have been removed from her body and she is showing you her smooth skin with great tattoos on it, gratifyingly exposed for your pleasure.

Her weapon boldly goes to where no phaser has gone before as she also uses it to caress her body slightly and to bring attention to certain parts of her delightful anatomy in this GodsGirls set where resistance to her charms is futile.



Name Anastassia
Age 69
Gender Female
Relationship Status Single
Sexy Orientation Gay
Occupation Coffee consumer, dream crusher
Hometown Alderaan





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