There Is No Running From Esdeath


One thing I look forward to when it comes to cosplay is how creative they can get with the photoshoots. Over the years cosplay photography has obviously become a little more complex than it used to be. It started out as a fun documentation of events but just like cosplayers upping their cosplay, photographers have also leveled up with their work. This Esdeath cosplay by a Chinese cosplayer who calls herself “Gutou Lao” is a very nice an example of it. I have a lot of respect for cosplayers and photographers who go out of their way to find locations that would make a very good background for the cosplay. Playing with elements like smoke and lighting can be extremely frustrating but they do it anyway!

Esdeath is a character from Akame ga Kill. The show is about a group of assassins planning to take down an oppressive government. Esdeath is an assassin who is known for her bloodlust and lack of empathy. Obviously a sadist, she puts her enemies under a great deal of physical and emotional torture.


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