Esdeath Cosplay By Ikaros


For a violent anime, Akame ga Kill’s characters look like they are anything but. So, if you happen to look at Ikaros’s beautiful cosplay of Esdeath without knowing about the anime she’s from you’d think this was just another show where everything is cute and peachy. Reviews of this anime haven’t been particularly gracious with the number of stars that were given, but it’s certain that this cosplay will be met with more praise.

Esdeath is a character that’s described as a tall woman with blue eyes, light blue hair who has a tattoo on her chest that is uncovered by her unbuttoned clothes that are fit for a General. Personality wise, she’s sadistically manipulative killer. In Japanese her name is pronounced as “S desu” which is a pun because it literally means “I am an S” or “I am a saddist”.


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