Bremucayon’s Jon Snow Game of Thrones Cosplay


One of the most popular characters in Game of Thrones, Jon Snow has courage, integrity, and a solemn charm that draws female watchers. As a bastard child, he also has that wrong-side-of-the-tracks appeal. This cosplay by bremucayon shows all that and more, placing Jon Snow in his natural habitat of (surprise!) snow. The costume is detailed and looks sturdy, the dark, curly hair is immaculate, and bremucayon’s characterization is accurate. In addition, Danikhaleesi’s photos really helped set the mood and draw the surroundings back to the inner state of the character.


Finally finished editing these pictures…..
bremucayon as Jon Snow
Photography & Editing by danikhaleesi
(It was a super sunny day out, so I tried to ‘cool’ down the photos a bit, not sure if I went overboard though… I’ve been staring at them too much…)


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