VeronicaChaos in Wonderland


It’s been a bit since I’ve seen VeronicaChaos. I think our times just never crossed recently. It was a pleasant surprise to see her tonight and great timing, too. It’s her un-birthday today. She’s rocking out with an Alice Liddell inspired outfit. I really enjoy Veronica Chaos’s room and she mixed a gentle cool hang with some rather wicked smart showmanship. I did not see a puppet–yet–but the night is still young. Her puppet work is really good and she reminds me of a friend who used to tour with her puppet. In my mind, I can see Veronica Chaos and Carla Rhodes doing one for the road. Funny how a show can take you through memory lane.

One thing I have to add: If you really like Veronica Chaos, she does have her own website. You can find the link on her profile page and, well, it’s rather worth the click. I do have to say the Silent Bob clip is a tad disturbing and yet, I can’t stop watching…

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