Alexa Brave and Sexy Heather Mason Cosplay


The sexy element is present throughout this CosplayErotica set, but the main focus of this cosplay is to be very true to the original character thanks to how well the admirable Alexa is portraying Heather Mason from Silent Hill (the daughter of Harry Mason from the first game). So much, in fact, that you could be forgiven for thinking that these images belong to an upcoming movie about the videogame. Yup, it is that well done.

Only here, she lets you see a lot of upskirt shots and other erotic views while portraying the feel of a scary town with her bravely but cautiously taking it on with her handgun and flashlight to illuminate all the dark corners to make sure it’s safe to put on a sexy show for you in both the photo set and the related video.

This gorgeous woman will make you want to go to the town of Silent Hill if that means that you get to see more of her.

Who needs soldiers with a woman like Alexa by your side?



Heather is a seemingly normal and carefree girl who loves to shop. One trait of Heather is that she is moody and loses her temper quite easily at things that frustrate her, which are considered normal traits for a teenager. Heather can also be very sarcastic and humorous.



alexa silent hill


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