Angela’s Satele Shan Cosplay Shows The Sexiness Of The Old Republic


Angela is cosplaying as the gorgeous and powerful jedi Satele Shan in this lovely CosplayErotica photo set and video combo.

A nice feature that her costume possesses is the fact that, when Angela is not wearing her under-robes (and she does take them off for this one) the part that goes over her shoulders and all the way down to her legs covers some parts of her body while she is naked, but reveals just enough for you to still get a clear view of her supple breasts which look so good that they must be dark side related, because you will feel a disturbance in your pants with this one.

However, you not only get to see her be sexy while being nude, but you also get to check out a lot of sweet poses while she wields her awesome-looking lightsaber.



Renowned for her great wisdom and powerful connection to the Force, Master Satele Shan is the voice and conscience of the Jedi Order. She is a direct descendant of Bastila Shan, the legendary Jedi who battled Darth Revan centuries ago – as well as being the descendant of Revan. Unlike her brash and arrogant ancestor, Master Satele—who prefers being addressed by her first name—possesses a warm demeanor and approachable personality. This relaxed and unassuming attitude belies her true strength and determination. Master Satele is a veteran Jedi warrior who has repeatedly confronted the power of the dark side and survived.



angela satele


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