Sugary Bunny Cosplaying Yuno Gasai


Yuno Gasai suffers from unrequited love, but that’s not going to happen to SugaryBunny. SugaryBunny is mixing her anime by also playing with a giant plush Totoro. No word on whether SugaryBunny is carrying any bladed weapons today, but it is free to register your username today and watch SugaryBunny vape (and other things) like a naughty cosplay schoolgirl.






hi~ my name is usagi or bunny, i’m 21 years old & from the magical land of Canada. i started camming in september 2014 and i love it and all of the friends i’ve made here. my birthday is on july 8th and fall is my favourite season ^.^
i’m obsessed with sailor moon, cats, food, and basically anything cute.
feel free to stop by my room & hang out with me i love new friends


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