Yuno Gasai by Fairie Tails Cosplay


“Everything in this world is just a game and we are merely the pawns.”
Yuno Gasai

Here comes the character from one of my favorite anime – Yuno Gasai from the Future Diary revived by the beautiful Fairie Tails Cosplay!

So stylish and sexy! But also badass!

“I love posing with weapons, even though I have no idea what I’m doing.”

Well, you really look like you are in Yuno’s “Psycho Mode”. Especially the pic with the blood!

Your makeup and wig is perfect, so as that tiny little black dress. Hot, girl, hot!

Rachel Massey, you did a great job with the Fairie’s face, thumbs up!

If you find this work attractive, visit her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page and enjoy in stunning photos of Fairie Tails.

Photos were taken by Matt Barnes Photography.


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