Is Sugary Bunny Your Waifu?


SugaryBunny is wearing a shirt which says, “YOUR WAIFU IS GARBAGE.” She says that she didn’t write the shirt and she totally doesn’t mean it. Well, maybe she means it. But definitely not if SugaryBunny is your waifu. She is wearing her blue hair in a very anime style today. In case you don’t date anime characters, waifu is anime otaku speak for wife or bottom bitch. You know how you sometimes fall in love with cartoon characters? Yeah, you do. Well, your waifu is the one you consider primary, above all others, the one you love and honor and respect, rather than just fapping to. You’re welcome.






hi~ my name is usagi or bunny, i’m 21 years old & from the magical land of Canada. i started camming in september 2014 and i love it and all of the friends i’ve made here. my birthday is on july 8th and fall is my favourite season ^.^
i’m obsessed with sailor moon, cats, food, and basically anything cute.
feel free to stop by my room & hang out with me i love new friends


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