Nikita’s Cool And Sexy Chell Cosplay


The game Portal was a project that was not thought of as much by the time of its release, but it turned out to be a huge success, thanks to the great mechanics it presented; however, good gameplay is not the only thing that Portal brings to the table as it also introduced the character of Chell, and Nikita is cosplaying as this character while she shows you her sexy skills and beauty in this CosplayErotica set of images and you can depend on the CosplayErotica tradition of also featuring a video where you’ll see her clothed, nude, and doing a lot of fun stuff.

After you see her steamy poses and her stripping off her jumpsuit, you will wish that you could get your hands on a portal gun and could travel to where she is at in an instant.




According to the psychological profile in her personnel file, Chell is “abnormally stubborn” and refuses to give up, no matter how daunting the challenge. Due to this, she was rejected as a test subject, but Doug Rattmann altered the testing order, having correctly guessed that Chell’s extreme tenacity might allow her to defeat GLaDOS.




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