Nikita Hot Swordplay Elf Cosplay


Nikita is cosplaying as a super-hot Elf and is wielding a sword as she shows you all the sensuality and lustful powers that her mystique and wisdom have granted her over the years.

The costume is very well done, and not only because it consists of a white short dress and thigh-high boots (you know I love those), but also thanks to her long blonde hair, elven ears, and to the fact that the clothes seem to be having a very hard time staying on, as her lack of underwear and constant sword swinging make it so a lot of gratuitous flashes of what lies under those threads happen.

If the sword-wielding is not the only thing you want to see and the images have left you wanting more of her, CosplayErotica has covered more of this awesome set with a video that lets you see more of Nikita while she leaves her weapon behind and instead focuses on caressing her body, and being extra playful.





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