Nikita as Triss Merigold


CosplayErotica brings us a Witcher favorite (NOT to be confused with The Last Witch Hunter, which is a comedy starring Vin Diesel). Nikita is made up to look like Triss Merigold from the game. How much does she resemble the original? Let’s just say that when I looked at the graphic art from the game, I honestly thought it was a fan drawing of Nikita. Cosplay Erotica really nails this one. I wish I could link you the artwork that the Witcher’s wiki uses for Triss. You could see that the resemblance is flawless.

The costuming here transports the busty Nikita into Triss. The hair is almost an exact match and whomever did the styling needs an award. The light blue with the beige and red top really works here. The amulet sets off the look rather nicely, too. In fact some of the better poses (that I can’t show you for obvious reasons) feature that top and amulet in various states of being undone. The costuming really solidifies the character.

The costume is a large part of this shoot, but so is the look and the attitude. Some of the harder things a model can do is to ask to pretend to shoot fire/flame/magic in general. The way Nikita takes to her role works great. When the effects are layered with the physical costume and model, the end result is something a bit magical. When I watched the video of her posing for the camera, I noticed that she really stays focused in character. The intensity is all there. The way she moves her arms reminds me of a tai-chi movement with energy. This is exactly what is reproduced with the camera shoot. The energy in tai-chi might be invisible, but you can tell there is something felt in this shoot. It really worked great.

From Witcher Wiki: Triss Merigold of Maribor is a sorceress. She is called the “Fourteenth of the Hill” because she was erroneously thought to have been killed during the Battle of Sodden Hill. She is a friend of Yennefer and witcher Geralt, and unhappily in love with the latter.


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