RazorCandi in Darkness


This was a video and a picture set for me. I don’t know if you have ever seen RazorCandi in action before, but if you ever wondered what she sounded like or looked like when posing (or doing other things) then this is the video to watch. RazorCandi is amazing. She looks great in a dracula-esque outfit with a paler version of her already porcelain white skin. Her fishnets are torn in all the right places and that tight pvc bottom doesn’t stay on too long. In fact, the only thing to really stay on is the fishnets (oh and those spiked heel shoes!). This is the photoshoot where Razor Candi shows a bit of her Bowie tattoo. It is really well done and rather fitting. If Bowie symbolized anything, it was the freedom of the artist to be who they want to be. That, my friends, is what RazorCandi excels at.

P.S. the video is so hot, I had to look at it twice just to remember what color her wig was (sorry, I was focusing on ummm…other…parts).


I’ve always loved the idea of beauty varied with dark ominous styles, to me that’s true beauty, it could be because I’ve always found dark art and anomalous things beautiful, I find it alluring and enchanting. I can see where natural and soft things can be considered beautiful, I don’t find them ugly, but they just don’t grasp my attention like a dark beauty does… I think it somehow captures your very soul! After all I find dark art often is more rewarding, which you’ll quickly find out what I mean as you make your way through this set 😉

Thanks to Dracula Clothing for the black sclera lens and that beautiful blue half wig from PennyWigs which make quite the additions to this overall look!


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