Asphyxia Noir in Hello Kitty AK 47


BlueBlood’s Amelia G and Forrest Black do it again, and this time, they bring Asphyxia Noir some Hello Kitty pajamas and an AK-47. There’s something about a gal with a gun. This is what I learn about Asphyxia Noir’s Blue Blood shoot–she looks darn good with or without the Hello Kitty PJs. It’s a bit weird, I usually notice the clothing immediately on any given shoot, but this time the gun really drew me in. Asphyxia Noir’s make-up is a bit Ziggy Stardust meets Rambo on this, and it works quite well for her. The gun here is a lot more than a prop and slightly more than a phallic symbol (but, what a one it makes, eh?).

I’ve seen a lot of shoots with guns and they usually end up in weird places. Asphyxia Noir seems to respect the rifle and yet knows how to tease us with it. Let’s face it, if anyone one of us could play a video-game character who was dressed in a Hello Kitty PJ and licks her Ak after killing the baddies, I’m pretty sure we’d never leave the house again. From the quote below, Amelia G says that she met Asphyxia Noir at a mutual friend’s house. I think we can all agree that we need friends like that in our lives. Enjoy the great sexy fun Barely Evil set!

The first time I met Asphyxia Noir was at a mutual pal’s house. This is a mutual pal who tends to have some very bizarro parties with interesting assortments of attendees. I immediately thought that what is so appealing about Asphyxia is a certain combination of childlike innocence and disturbing danger. I knew right then that I had to shoot her in a cuddly onesie with firearms. Now I have finally been able to get the images of this which I’ve been carrying in my head onto your computer screens. I hope you love these shots Forrest Black and I created with Asphyxia.
–Amelia G


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