Have A Drink With Delicious Vampire Zelda


Zelda’s outfit is incredible because it presents a sort of conservative look with the long dress, the mask and the abundance of fabric that slowly but surely turns into something very revealing and modern as the clothes come off later on.

This imagery is delicious since it allows you to fantasize and really get drawn into the vampiric character that Zelda is portraying.

This BlueBlood gallery has a high level of sensuality and it relies a lot on her Erotic Fandompersonality so that every image conveys a high level of energy; which, coupled with the bar scene help create a series of images that are luxuriously artistic and would make Dracula jealous that he did not get to spend eternity next to her.

This vampire will surely charm you enough to get your blood boiling, as each time she reveals a bit more of her skin, you only feel her embrace strengthening and your mind slowly getting ready to fall to her sweet kiss.


So, yes, The Death Knight has the most killer house ever and he is a genius at decorating it. Zelda Sidhe has curated a fabulous costume wardrobe for herself. Forrest Black and I felt that Zelda would look nice in her ornate vampire masquerade gear at The Death Knight’s living room bar. And she looks very nice indeed.
–Amelia G




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