Dashing through the snow with Kvlt

I’m a bit new to GodsGirls’ Kvlt, so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. I really dug the girl-next-door look Kvlt. Let’s face it, I’m a sucker for the look and Gods Girls is the perfect website for it. This shoot was a bit hard to pull sample pictures from. She’s naked the entire time. This, for me, isn’t a bad thing. I did get to showcase a few of her great face close ups, but let me say right here–the rest of her is worth the price of admission.

Obviously Kvlt looks great with or without clothes. The reindeer idea is a good plus. What I will focus on are her tats. I love ink. Love it. I also love RHPS (Note: I’m cheating here because I got to see an additional photoshoot for review that shows that tat quite clearly). Guess what? She’s got the lips on her legs. There is also the Yellow Submarine from this one band, I think they were called the Stones (Lennon joke). Oh, and a full script running down the back of her thigh. She has a heart (anatomical, not the <3) on the outside of her leg and another piece on the opposite leg. Oh, and a pretty killer mermaid (mer-man…mer-man, oh Zoolander…) on the arm. As you can see, she’s got some ink going on.

Relationship Status
In a Relationship
Sexy Orientation
Snake Queen
About Me
21 year old Snake Queen and the Queen of Otogakure. Married to Orochimaru. You can also call me “Lady Orochimaru.” I like black metal, making porn, and hating the government.
Why Im a GodsGirl
I love modelling, and I have all my life. I love that I can be part of such a lovely community of amazing people. I love that I can wear the title “GodsGirl” with such pride.
Superhero Power
Ability to communicate with animals.
Sexual fantasy
Orochimaru in any situation is a sexual fantasy.
Weapon of Choice
I’m a pacifist!
Writing, reading, taking selfies, surfing the web, collecting dead things
Metal is my top choice, but I listen to absolutely everything. I just love music.
I like so many movies, especially horror movies. But my absolute fave would be a tie between Princess Mononoke and The Prince of Egypt. Royalty + PoC + Amazing Animation = the shit I like.
Another one where I could go on forever! Favorites include: The Drawing of the Three, The Great Gatsby, Animal Farm, Dracula, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Frankenstein, House of Leaves, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Summer Crossing, Dracula in Love, Harry Potte
Favorites include: Breaking Bad, Friends, The Office, and Bob’s Burgers.
My favorite work of art is “The Creation of Adam.” I can thank my mom for that, because it’s hers, too. My favorite artist is Gustave Dore.
I love corn, okay? Corn is my favorite. I eat just straight up bowls of corn.
Currently in college.
may 15
Who I Idolize
I idolize a lot of people but Gerard Way most of all.
Get married, have four babies, move to San Diego, open an animal shelter, become a best-selling author.
Bedtime attire
Naked most of the time. Sweat pants and a tee when it’s cold.
Nerdy Secret Pleasure
None of my nerdiness is secret!
My Favorite GodsGirls
Everyone, duh!
Unicorn or Pegasus?
if Patrick Duffy was shooting lazers at you how would you defend yourself?
I’d use the Force, obviously.

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