RazorCandi Christmas Goodness


Sweet Baby Jayzus happy birthday to all of us.

Because we are family friendly–at least technically– here at SexyFandom, I’m going to try to limit myself to appropriate terminology, as my French friend and I embrace the holiday spirit by enjoying the delightful RazorCandi’s free Christmas gallery. We celebrate with candy canes and wine.

Qu’est-ce qu’elle fait avec son sucre d’orge, my friend asks. And if we rely on the photos, we know exactly what she’s doing with those candy canes…

This lady is a grande dame of this site, and with good cause. Candi shows us all the reason for the season with her gorgeously shot holiday set. From the razor-spiked garter belts to to the fingerless leather gloves, this crimson-and-shadow beauty gives us all a reason to celebrate. My friend says she’s never seen anything like it– so you should take this opportunity to be even more cosmopolitan. Also, really, just hot-DANG. (Family friendly, right?)

“Elle est comme la Mère Noël: elle est sans chi chi sans cha cha.”

And by god I love her David Bowie tattoo. Rawr.


Normally Christmas themes are white and red but the goth girl inside was telling me black and red would make for a hotter theme which is why I found the set name Scerry Christmas more fitting 😉 I thought it was time to use a darker theme this year for a Christmas set, though I still kept it pretty sexy I couldn’t help but make it a little darker too. Hope you all have a very Merry Scerry Christmas!


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