The Nightmare before Kayla


Tonight Christmas will be hers. Let’s get back to a very classic Disneyjack_skellington_6_by_carlibux
Movie, The Nightmare before Christmas. It’s a fantasy story where seasons has their own town and for Jack Skellington, the protagonist, lives in Halloween town since you know, he’s made out of a skeleton, but Jack, being bored of the routinely ways of the town, searched for something new and that was Christmas and he wants to bring Christmas on Halloween town.

The cosplay is extravagant. It has the very gothic look on it and what’s more is that even though cosplaying to be the scary and horrible Jack Skellington, the cosplay looks very elegant and has its own beauty. The cosplayer is Kayla Erin and what I like about her is that she makes her own cosplay and does her make own make up since she’s new in the cosplay world. What I personally like about the cosplay is the way she made Jack Skellington’s black/white striped suit to match hers and specially the lips it’s so sharp and alluring instead of scaring the shit out of me it bring both scare and beauty together, weird isn’t it?. I like these kind of cosplay on Halloween, instead of the typical old girls who does have the beauty but wears fairies, queens, princesses, and other cute shits that I believe isn’t very much halloween-like. I love to see more of this kind of costumes.

So guys, let’s share the good news! Let’s promote Kayla Erin so that we can see more of her. You may follow her on her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You may view more of her photos in her official website at her DeviantArt Profile . The Photographer for the shoot was Decade Three Art.

Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington


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