Kvlt Rides Raptors & Tames T-Rexes


Kvlt from GodsGirls is an old-school Spielberg fan. In her latest shoot, she went all the way back to 1993 with a little bit of Jurassic Park flair. While we all fell in love with Laura Dern’s portrayal of Ellie Statler in the film, I think we’d all rather have Kvlt in our corner if the electrified fences failed and raptors suddenly roamed free.

One thing is for certain — she’s definitely more fierce than a computer-generated dinosaur.

Kvlt also kept things contemporary with a spot-on Cosplay of Owen Grady from Jurassic World. Chris Pratt popularized the character on the big screen and was one of the highlights of the blockbuster reboot, but our GodsGirl definitely fills out his dino-duds in a way all her own.

Look out, this girl knows how to tame a T-Rex!

Kvlt Godsgirls Jurassic Park Cosplay
Kvlt Jurassic World Chris Pratt
Kvlt T-Rex Raptor Jurassic World
Kvlt Jurassic World Godsgirls Cosplay

Name: Kvlt
Age: 22
Gender: Fluid
Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Sexy Orientation: Bi/Pansexual
Occupation: Snake Queen
Location: Otogakure
Hometown: Tatooine
Sign: Taurus
Nerdy Secret Pleasure: None of my nerdiness is secret!
Unicorn or Pegasus?: Pegasus!

About Me: 22 year old Snake Queen and the Queen of Otogakure. Married to Orochimaru. You can also call me “Lady Orochimaru.” I like black metal, making porn, and hating the government. I also have a B.A. in English-Writing.

Why I’m a GodsGirl: I love modelling, and I have all my life. I love that I can be part of such a lovely community of amazing people. I love that I can wear the title “GodsGirl” with such pride.

My Website: espikvlt.com
On Twitter: @EspiKvlt


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