A Naughty Christmas Gift From Anastassia


Santa Claus may not visit those who have not been good; however, judging by the sophisticated inscription written on the back of Anastassia’s panties, there might be someone else who visits those naughty boys, and trust me, this would be a visit you would receive gladly.

I have always loved the seductive nature of a lady dressed up in a Santa costume. The colorful nature of the outfit makes Anastassia look delicious, as her tattoos and legs that seem to go for miles give you a nice starting point as you survey her gifted figure.

The Christmas setting is also beautiful, and it perfectly brings out that festive spirit hidden in all of us as this gorgeous blonde not only seems to know what you want for Christmas, as she slowly disrobes until there is nothing covering her but a green gift box that may have the thing you’ve always wanted to receive, but now it would pale in comparison to the beautiful woman who is holding it.



Name Anastassia
Age 22
Gender Female
Relationship Status Single
Sexy Orientation Straight
Occupation Full time model/cosplayer/crafter
Location Texas
Hometown Alderaan
Sign Pisces
Why Im a GodsGirl Because GodsGirls are sexy, smart, and full of personality. They may have pretty faces but that isn’t all there is… They’ve got soul!




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