Blath Shows You The Nice In The Naughty


Let’s continue with the Christmas celebrations, shall we?

No, I did not mean “get another slice of fruit cake”. Put it down.

Ok, you can have it, but be sure not to fill up on candy, because GodsGirls has got a sweeter surprise for you.

When I was a kid I used to hope Santa Claus left me one last present on his way back home, and this year that extra gift came with the phenomenal Blath.

Blath has her own list of who was naughty or nice this year, and she brings it with style. Her look is amazing as her red skirt shines brightly, letting you focus on her backdoor assets as much as you are fixating on that cleavage of hers, while her hair gives a superb hint of color, creating a very dynamic and cheerful scene for the holidays.

If Santa Claus is surrounded with beauties like her all year round, then you’ll probably want to consider applying for a job at his toy factory.



Name Blath
Age 22
Gender queer.
Relationship Status Open Relationship
Sexy Orientation pansexual. (i love pans)
Occupation Photographer, Pornographer
Location London, England, UK
Hometown London
Sign Leo
About Me Pint-sized punk photographer shows pink.




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