Kvlt Mischievous Nutcracker Princess Ensemble

This GodsGirls tribute to The Nutcracker by Kvlt involves a whole lot of seductiveness, and is brought to you in a delightful way that will have you, perhaps for the first time in your life, wishing you were the character from the classic ballet, if only to witness firsthand how Kvlt plays with you and gives you a close-up of her talents by portraying a naughty version of the Nutcracker’s Princess.

Kvlt looks splendid with her blend of sweetness and bad girl qualities. She is wearing a ballerina outfit that is not that revealing, in fact, it covers up almost all the parts you’d want showing for a shoot like this, but therein lies its brilliance. At first you’ll get to enjoy the view of her delicious figure as she poses for you with the outfit on, which accentuates her heaving bosom and waist. Then, slowly but surely, you get to see her as the temperature rises and she shows more skin until there is no more ballerina outfit left on her body.

That is where the real show begins.



Name Kvlt
Age 21
Gender Female
Relationship Status In a Relationship
Sexy Orientation Bi/Pansexual
Occupation Snake Queen/Sith Lord
Location Otogakure
Hometown Tatooine
Sign Taurus
About Me 21 year old Snake Queen and the Queen of Otogakure. Married to Orochimaru. You can also call me “Lady Orochimaru.” I like black metal, making porn, and hating the government.



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