Dragon Blaze’s Mage by Amie Lynn at Anime Expo 2015

Veteran costumer and gamer girl Amie Lynn cosplays a Mage (a magic user, for the uninitiated) from Gamevil‘s hit mobile Action RPG Dragon Blaze. Amie, born in Phoenix, Arizona, of Chinese-European descent, is one of the more prominent cosplayers in the American circuit. Still studying in college, she has occasional gigs as a brand ambassador and media representative for notable gaming companies. Gamevil, a Korean-grown game developer, is one of those companies, and they currently specialize in action-fantasy oriented titles for mobile gaming. These phone games are all the rage nowadays, and even I play some of them right now.

Amie looks exceptionally fantastic in her intricately-designed Mage getup. I can only imagine the number of hours she spent crafting each and every aspect of the costume. It’s definitely professional-caliber, down to the minutest detail. Gotta say that I absolutely adore her height, and how she projects her bubbly disposition in all her cosplays. She’s one hell of a cutie, that’s for sure. Best of all, she’s also a gamer. I’m a sucker for cute gamer girls.

You can visit Amie Lynn’s official website for more of her stunning cosplays, or check out her official Facebook fan page for more recent updates. She also has an online store (currently offline for maintenance, as of this posting) for all her cosplay and modeling prints.

Photos were taken by Vincent Yau and Jason Photography.

Anime Expo 2015 was held last July 2 to 5 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in California. Visit their website for more details.

Amie Lynn's Dragon Blaze Mage
Amie Lynn's Dragon Blaze Mage
The Mage in Dragon Blaze

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