Ousama Game [Episode 1]

Have you ever heard about chain letters back in the day? Way back, you will receive a chain letter from anonymous sender and it’s about a series of incidents written inside or claims about what will happen to the recipient of the letter if the letter will not be duplicated an sent to numbers of new recipients. It is said that if you disregard the “chain letter” and break the chain, something bad will happen to you.

Well, that creepy story had an anime adaptation, which is Ousama Game. If you receive a text from “King”, you should do as King says or you will mysteriously die. A guy in this episode just bled to death in front of everyone when he did not do anything. It is also somewhat similar to the movie I love, Nerve, where they follow the dares on the app and if they are successful, they will earn a lot of money, if not, they may die.

I thought that the people who will die in this anime will be killed by someone else or get hit by a car but this one is way paranormal than nerve that it takes the urban legend of the chain letter to a different level.

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