Ahri’s Tease by Rinnie Riot at Anime Expo 2015


Fresh from this year’s recently concluded Anime Expo 2015 is this sizzling-hot cosplay by famed League of Legends Twitch.tv streamer Rinnie Riot. She’s not really a cosplayer, as she explicitly mentions in her Facebook account, but she does love to “do make-up and dressing up.” Well, whatever it is that she does, we seriously want more of her stuff!

Ahri the Nine-Tailed Fox seems to be one of the more preferred cosplay character of choice for most (female) League players and fans, and Rinnie is no exception in this by her daring portrayal of a popular, fan-drawn version of the vixen seductress. Drawn by the legendary, insanely-skilled Artgerm, this rendition known as “Ahri’s Tease” is quite a tough cosplay to pull off. Gotta have the right bod, right outfit, and more importantly, the right kind of guts to parade yourself (with a skimpy attire) in a jam-packed anime convention.

Rinnie has done a couple of Ahri cosplays in the past, but none are as bold as this latest one. With that rocking body, and a truly legit passion for the game, it’s no surprise that Rinnie Riot manages to do this cosplay with sexy confidence and grace. Remember, she’s no professional cosplayer — at least that’s what she said.

It’s really too bad that we don’t have more pics of her in the event, but you can find more of her work in her Facebook profile and her Instagram page. She also has a print store for those interested in purchasing her photos. Rinnie is more commonly found in her Twitch.tv channel, where she streams her latest League of Legends sessions.

The last two photos were taken by Vincent Yau during the Anime Expo 2015 event.

Rinnie Riot's Ahri Cosplay
Rinnie Riot's Ahri Cosplay
Rinnie Riot's Ahri Cosplay
Artgerm's "Ahri's Tease"


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