Yolanda’s Refreshing Summer Flame


This BlueBlood gallery is short but sweet, as it lets you see the gorgeous Yolanda wearing a colorful outfit in a setting that just has you thinking about fire a lot, but it does it so tastefully that it does not distract your gaze from her beauty and instead helps showcase it with its bright colors.

Something I really enjoyed about this gallery is the fact that all images are presented in a BarelyEvil warm hue, but thanks to the bright colors on Yolanda’s clothes, this warmth actually comes off as something fresh and cool. A concept that is quite welcome since it is not an easy feat to achieve.

Yolanda’s eyes are incredibly inviting, and there are times where you wish you could simply reach into your screen and appear right next to her. Her energy and flaming set decorations are intense enough to put Phoenix from the X-men to shame.


Woohoo, it’s been a while since we saw a new set of Yolanda, and this one has some heat. Hope you enjoy it. I have such a soft spot for a good combination of sexy girls and blazing fire. It reminds me of my misspent youth, hahaha. ~Forrest



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