RazorCandi Is A Sweet Nightmare


If I was walking alone at night and I saw a vampire like this one, I would not hesitate to share a few moments with her. Even if at some point of the evening I end up being her meal. The fact that she seems to be inside a hotel room also is a good indication that she is looking for a fun time.

For some reason, her costume reminds me of the vampires in the movie Underworld. It may have something to do with her sensual factor, or the enticing little nothing she is almost wearing; I do not know.

One thing I will say about this gallery by RazorCandi is that I absolutely love how she looks with the combination of dark eye-shadow and bright-red lipstick, which would make her appear as a vampire even if we do not get to see her fangs; add to that the fact that she is wearing yellow contact lenses (instead of the more traditional red or white ones), which give a unique look to her character, and you have an apparition that you won’t mind visiting you during the night.


You can’t deny the attraction behind the allure of the mysterious Vampire! I’ve always been deeply glamoured by Vampires and Vampire folklore, it’s myths and legends are what drew me to Transilvania in the first place! Being a goth at heart and all, it’s hard to deny that shooting this one was not only a guilty pleasure of mine that I’ve had for a long time but also very stimulating as you will soon find out. So come and feast your eyes upon this beautiful corpse and find out if these fangs are real or at least if my lascivious desires are 😉



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