Horned Demoness Vampire Art RazorCandi


I am loving the new Razor Candi web site. Today, she posted this shoot called Liberate Tutemae Ex Inferis. If I am not mistaken, that translates as “Save Yourself from Hell.” Whether or not my junior high school Latin is up to snuff, this is a marvelous example of what artistic erotic photography can be. Razor Candi has huge curving red horns, blackout eyes, what looks like blood-dripping fangs, and long talons that look like she has been digging graves with her hands. She looks so beautiful all the while.

Ex Inferis Horned Demoness Vamp Vampire


Shot for the themed contest ‘The Devil Inside’ I immediately knew this theme was right up my alley, I really wanted this set to be more about the art behind erotic dark photography and so my gears instantaneously started turning. I’ve always shared an affinity for the occult and the dark side so it felt only logical to tackle this prize with some of my best dark styling and couldn’t wait to bring to life what I had in mind! Though originally I wanted to start off with an ethereal look before transforming into the Devil which lies inside, while reviewing the set I felt the transformation wasn’t necessary. I think my efforts paid off because not only do I feel this set is one of my best to date as far as theme and styling goes but I also won the contest!!

Words from the photographer: “After a few shoots directed to a more approachable look and style for the prize “The Devil Inside” we decided to go all out and do whatever we thought was cool and artistic and kind of make a “show of force”. Although I’m a fan of gadgets and normally use a whole array of equipment for my shoots, this time I wanted to try some very harsh shadows to try to replicate a deep enveloping darkness so I only used one light and kept things minimal. I think the desired effect was reached and I hope all your feedback will show just that. The title is taken from the movie Event Horizon, simply because both I and RazorCandi are major sci-fi/horror geeks and it sounded quite fitting. Shot to embody a fusion of visual references while shooting I was trying to capture something between a Boris Vallejo female figure fused with a very ornate almost horror/comic-book like demon. Hope you all enjoy the set and view it with an open mind. Cheers!”


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