Psychic Powered Idol Attacks


I think this psychic powered idol from Cosplay-Mate looks a lot like Sailor Moon. I will admit something right here–I never really seen Sailor Moon before, but I do know the outfit from every Halloween Party I’ve ever been to in Vegas. That, oddly, includes the children trick-or-treating. I like this outfit (I mean, who doesn’t like a Sailor?) and there is something that really catches my eye with the shoot–her kicks and her heels.

The kick is nicely placed slightly above waist level, but it is the fact she is doing that in those heels that is impressive. As of note, I first thought this was an old-school karate style sidekick and I was going pick on it a bit, but maybe it is a round house with her foot dorsal flexed. I’m not entirely too sure, but I do know that plant leg needs to turn the heel more. Yes, that’s right, I’m that geek. I can appreciate the difficulty of this in high heels, but I can also see where she can help not tear her knee and/or give a stronger kick. This makes me want to try a kick wearing heels (again) to see how much pivot I can get with the heel.

All the above is martial arts gobbly gook for “She looks good enough to discuss the pose at great length.”

As you can see from my other picture choice (don’t worry, I won’t go into detail about her opening the shirt…although…) the psychic powered idol is more than just kicking butt in this shoot. For the NSFW side of things, I can say I love her strip tease and her underwear is a great black pattern design that comes off nicely.


A supposed resurrection of a past heroine, this j-pop idol has unique esper-like abilities that helped her fight numerous tournaments. She does have a good track record thanks to those psychic abilities.
Problem is that she can read any mind including the most perverted. Fortunately, she seems to know what we want and even helps us out there!



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