Morphina as the chainmail warrior


There is something to be said about a woman wearing a chainmail bikini holding a mighty sword. Morphina, in this shoot by Chad Michael Ward, looks very stoic in a lot of these shots. I like that demeanor for this shoot. It seems to slow down the action a bit and control the pace for this Erotic Fandom gallery. Morphina’s hair is out of a different time and this works really well for the shoot. There seems to be a juxtaposition between the older hair style and the lip ring. The old and the new clashing together on Morphina’s body. Although I picked this particular shot to represent the rest, there are a lot of SFW pictures in this set. Some have Morphina posing with the sword and in others, she is handing you the sword as in invitation. Point end first, of course.


I actually met Morphina on a casting I was talked into going to by the guy that does Gothic Beauty. It was for some stupid tv game show where they liked to have some ‘freaky’ people. Some of the show looked like it could be fun, but I’m not big on answering questions, even if I know the answer. What is it about someone asking you for information that makes you want to talk to the anyway, right? But, I did spend a bunch of the time talking to Morphina. She was really nice. I remember regretting that I didn’t get her number that day, but I did end up driving another girl that actually also appears on this site back to her Hollywood apartment. Anyhow, this is a fun sexy series and I’m pleased to bring it to you. Hope you enjoy it. ~Forrest


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