The mage’s familiar gets familiar


In this Cosplay-Mate shoot we see a mage and a familiar. Nothing out of the ordinary, until you see how familiar that familiar gets with the mage. I love the colours here. It seems that the outfits match the tattoos a bit. For example, if you can look at the familiar’s tattoo in the 1st picture, you will see red, blue and orange with a hint of purple. Those are the colours also in the shoot. The hair is blue for her and purple for the mage (her underwear is purple as well and I am not entirely sure if the familiar is wearing any beyond that wrap); and the outfits are red, with one having a burnt orange trim. Either by design or happy mistake, I think this works pretty well artistically.

Just how familiar does she get with her mage? Well, most of those pictures are bordering (and well beyond) NSFW, but I can tell you this, not only does she have the ears of a cat, but she also likes to lick. With the amount of cleaning going on by her, it would appear the mage is pretty dirty all over. She’s such a good familiar.mage2mage


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