Frost Archer keeps her hood on, but not much else


This Frost Archer set by Cosplay Mate centers on some pretty basic colours: Black, white, blue and gold. The colour choice here makes the rest of the shoot pop out. The black and white bra looks great against her skin and shows a contrast against the lighter blue and gold in the costume. Her hair is so platinum it comes off white on my monitor. Again, this goes into colours and contrasts. The finale is when she undresses. The blues drop to a baby robin blue (moving towards aqua marine) for her panties and her skin plays great against the black and gold of her arm bands. The interesting thing I find, besides the greatly expressive model, is she is wearing lipstick that matches her nipples. The pale shade of pink of her lips is washed out a bit until she undresses and then it brings her nipples into fuller view. Most girls accent with what they wear, but I think this works fabulously in the realm of what she isn’t wearing makes the lips sparkle.

I like the costume feel, the cute hoodie with the leggings, but it is her poses that really bring everything to life. One of the best shots is just her with her hoodie still on but everything else slowly discarded. There is a peacefulness about that picture that complements the rest of the piece very well. Now, I can’t show you that particular picture (not safe for work) but it is easy enough to find in the main photo spread. So, when you get time for yourself, enjoy the tranquility and the natural beauty of the Frost Archer.


Ancient bow in hand, this legend aims to rule all of the tribes of the land. Even if her rule was questioned in the past, she remained steadfast in her dream for a peaceful unification. Between league matches, she obviously need someone to cater to her. Who knows how warm she can become…


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