Ariel X climbs her way into our hearts


A nature scene deserves a model who looks like she belongs in it. Amelia G and Forrest Black have a great model in Ariel X. I can’t show you an uncropped photo since most of this set, sans one tree, is NSFW. That doesn’t mean Ariel X does anything particularly naughty in it, but she is quite nude in all of the scenes. The nudity does not feel out of place though–it really fits with the scenes of nature. I’ve researched when clothes became a moral necessity and the result isn’t pretty. Thankfully for us though, Ariel X is very pretty. Her face is a sculptor’s dream and the freckles on her shoulders really lay nicely on her body. This shoot is full of great poses, but the most impressive thing of all is how completely at home Ariel X looks up that tree. A wood nymph made flesh.


Here is a fun little woodland set Amelia and I shot with the lovely Ariel X. We had a blast exploring up in the park. Hope you enjoy the results.


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