Racy Laura Bodewig Cosplay


Girls and mecha – sounds like a good combination. Infinite Stratos or IS is basically the latter. It’s made of light-hearted comedy coupled with a few romantic tropes and has huge bad arse robot suits that they get on for combat. Also it is to be noted that this is your typical harem anime. Yes, one guy getting all the beautiful girls.

Speaking of beautiful girls, here’s one: Chami Madoka’s risqué cosplay of one of the characters from Infinite Stratos called Laura Bodewig. Laura was a test-tube baby who was created and developed solely to become the perfect weapon. After an enhancement experiment performed on Laura failed the project to make an ultimate soldier was dropped and Laura was cast aside.

Personality-wise, Laura is tough on the outside as a military soldier should be but ultimately is just your typical love-struck teenager who strangely loses focus when she’s happy being “noticed by senpai”. It is also noted that Laura is probably the only IS girl who doesn’t seem to be bothered being naked in front of a guy.


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