Kristina and her slithering friend


“Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes?” That’s the line that runs through my head when I saw the title for this shoot. Well, no time for love, Dr. Jones, it is up to me to review this snake-filled piece. Blue Blood has something in Kristina that comes to the camera in a dangerous, yet sensual, way. I am fascinated by this shoot. Kristina handles the snake really well. Yes, I know it isn’t going to bite and kill her, but there is something in the gooseflesh that tells me her body reacted as many of ours would. This helps me explain just how great of a model Kristina is. A special bonus goes for her in the artwork she has on top of her head. It goes with the mystique of this shoot. The stuff that I can’t show you here really goes well and the entire thing builds to a great climax.


When it comes to fandom-themed erotica, you just really can’t go wrong with a hot bald chick and snake scales. The Tree of Knowledge is so sexy and Kristina looks like she knows all about it.
–Amelia G


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