Scooby’s Gang Cosplay by Kristina Engels and Her Friends!


Scooby-doo is one of the most awesome cartoons I loved watching growing up. It’s everyone’s all time favorite! Why not? It’s a totally adorable cartoon series filled with mind-blowing and totally hilarious mysteries, plus a bunch of funny casts and the cute team-up of Shaggy and Scooby too!

Watching this cool cosplay by Kristina Engels and her friends brings me back those memories. It feels so nostalgic as this dudes really looked like Scooby’s gang (Aibot as Fred Jones, Kristina as Daphne Blake, Yomiko as Velma Dinkley, and Mark Gurin as Shaggy). Too bad Scooby isn’t with them tho. It would have been all too perfect.

These inspired photos were taken by Dmitry iGrik Shtifonov.


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