The Snow Queen Cosplay by Kristina Engels


There’s no denying that Elsa, from Disney’s Frozen, is the most beautiful and talked about “Snow Queen of the Decade” (since the movie was released). Well there have been a lot of movies with characters who posses the power to wield ice, The White Witch or “Ice Queen” of Narnia for example. However what makes Elsa special from them is that she’s the only good-natured ice queen. Most characters who were born with a curse go down the crooked path but Elsa was the only one who made the difference by doing the right thing out of love despite how people treated her. She was really amazing and oh so charming as she sings Let It Go while using her magical powers creating that magnificent ice castle on top of the mountain!

So for Elsa’s fans all over the world, here’s Kristina Engels‘ most elaborate and really awesome Elsa cosplay. It’s so amazing as she really looks like Elsa. For more photos visit her Instagram, VK, and Twitter account.

Photos were taken by Angelina Goncharova Ashitaro.

Disney's Frozen: Elsa

Disney’s Frozen: Elsa


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