Orphan Black, Season Two, Episode Four


Fair warning, this post isn’t in order of how the episode appeared. It will contain spoilers if you have not yet watched the episode. It is a crazy episode, we learn a lot, and a lot happens!

With this episode we start off where the last one left off. We see Sarah getting hit by a truck while she is driving. Daniel is asking her about the photo that her birth mom gave her, he wants to know what she knows. Then they get hit. Turns out, the truck that hit them is Cal, and it appears that Daniel is dead. Cal says Kira is safe, while tons of cops go in a hurry to Cal’s house. Cal takes Sarah to Kira. Its a deserted house. Cal genuinely seems to want to help Sarah. Cal surprises them with a camper. Away they go! Sarah has Daniels phone, and tells Rachel that he is returning with Sarah. That’ll keep them off her trail for a little while.

Allison wakes up sick in her room. Most likely caused by all the alcohol and drugs. She has a sling on her arm, so she probably sprained it when she fell off the stage. When she looks in the mirror, she notices the sling, and remembers. Then she realizes she isn’t at home. She thinks she is at the Dyad Institute and is asking for Dr. Leekie. Turns out, she is in rehab. Felix comes to visit Allison in rehab. He tries to help her calm down about this, and tells her its a chance to get herself back. She agrees to stay for a week.

Cosima is still watching the videos of Jennifer. Sarah video chats with Cosima and she shows her the photo. Cosima tells her a story of the mythology of Leda and the Swan. Where the kids are half human half God. Cosima thinks that story may be a link, and the military guy in the background of the photo may provide to be a key, as if they are made by the military. Cosima is going to work on the Leda stuff further.

Mrs. S. is looking for someone. She was going to go to London to find him, but finds out he is local. He surprises her at the bar as she was trying to find him. They appear to have been lovers at one point – and they really missed each other. After they have sex, she talks to the man, who apparently is the one who brought Sarah to Mrs. S. He doesn’t know anything about what Sarah is.

Sarah goes back to Mrs. S’s house and Felix surprises her there. They start to go through some old newspaper clippings that she had. They come across a story about an explosion in a science lab. Turns out, two of the scientists that exploded were named Susan and Ethan Duncan, these are the same two in the photo Sarah has. They also connect that these two have to be Rachels parents, as her last name is Duncan. Sarah is livid and wants to know what else Mrs. S has been hiding. As Felix and Sarah leave, we see a door start to open and someone creeps out of a dark room in the house.

Helena awakes, and Henrik comes to her room. Helena wants to know what happened, she is sure that something happened, but she can’t remember exactly what. She doesn’t appear to remember the “marriage” ceremony, or whatever it was. I kind of feel sorry for her now.

Henrik’s daughter Gracie doesn’t want Helena in the family, so she tries to smother her with a pillow. It appears to have worked. Gracie tells her to go back to hell. But as she is walking away, Helena puts Gracie in a choke hold. This is Helena’s chance to escape. She ends up in a medical room of some sort, and she has memories of what had happened. Probing, and touching, and medical tests. She takes a tool and runs out. Art is out taking photos at Henrik’s place. They know he is there taking photos, but they haven’t confronted Art about it. Art sees Helena running out and chases after her, probably wanting to help her. She continues on, and he stops the gang from chasing after her, or at least gives her a head start. We learn at the end of the episode that Gracie is alive.

Sarah breaks into Rachel’s apartment. While she is snooping, she is talking to Cosima who found out some information on Rachel and her parents. As she is watching a home video, and talking on the phone, Daniel walks into the hotel room. He is talking to Dr. Leekie on the phone. They want to find out what Sarah knows. Yet, she gets caught by Daniel – he holds a gun to her, yet pulls back once she says that he can’t shoot her. But as he is letting her leave, he knocks her out. Sarah comes to and she is tied up in the shower. Daniel says that its a great place to talk, and easy to clean up after. He plans to torture her to get answers based on the photo she has. He starts to cut her, then music turns on. He leaves to check on it, then Sarah hears, and sees that Daniel has been attacked. Helena found him. Helena then goes towards Sarah, who is scared out of her mind. But Helena just wants her help. Helena tells Sarah that she thinks Henrik took something from inside of her, and goes to hug Sarah.

We find out at the end of the episode that Henrik did take something from inside Helena… He took an egg… And he was able to make a baby with it.

*dun dun dunnn* (you know, that dramatic music)

Till next week…..


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