Orphan Black, Season Two, Episode Two


So this week on Orphan Black we learned a few things. I don’t know where to start, there is truly so much going on.

Well, let’s start with where the last episode ended, with Helena. She was in the hospital recovering. She was “retrieved” from the hospital by the religious freaks. They break her out and she is receiving medical care at their homestead. The man who we knew to be her keeper was shot and killed by the religious freaks who own the land. I haven’t quite figured out their angle. They seem to trust science. Also, we find out Helena’s internal organs are on the opposite side of where they should be. She is the mirror image of Sarah, internally at least.

Sarah told Art about everything. So we see him and Sarah trying to figure things out. That’s when Sarah gets a call from a Number she doesn’t recognize. She answers and it’s Kira. The line ends quickly as her captor hangs up the line. Art was able to trace the location, however by time they get there they are told they have left an hour ago. Rachel’s main henchman shows up and Art keeps him at bay while Sarah goes off following a trail of clothes. Long story short the captor was working with Mrs. S and she is trying to keep Kira safe. But those who are helping her plan the getaway for Mrs S and Kira are working with the religious freaks. So Sarah is escaping with Kira because she doesn’t trust Mrs S at the moment, but Mrs. S let’s her leave once she realized that she put Sarah and Kira in danger.

Allison is losing it. While at Aynsley’s funeral, her husband gets a text. She starts to think that her husband is her monitor. So she sets him up while on a call with Felix. She walks by him mentioning Sarah to see if he takes the bait. Well he followed her to Aynsley’s grave and he sees her meet with Sarah. But not Sarah Manning. She’s meeting with a fellow costar for the play she is in. In this episode she also tells Felix what happened with Aynsley and how she was there. At the end of the episode we see Allison drinking wine and taking a pill.

Cosima starts to work at the job that was offered to her. She also gets to meet Rachel. Rachael asks Cosima to decode Sarah DNA and find out why she’s different. Cosima says, “you mean why she can have kids and we can’t?” I’m wondering if Rachael wants kids? Or really is just curious. It appears that Cosima is going to be able to study her DNA to see why she is sick like Katja was. Let’s hope not all the clones are able to get it,and let’s hope Cosima makes it through!

At the end of the episode we see Felix, Sarah and Kira leaving for a vacation. They are finally getting away. Wonder where they’re going.

I’m excited to see next week’s episode.


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