Orphan Black, Season Two, Episode Three


Ok. So tonight was a doozy. We learned of another clone who had just recently died of the respiratory infection that killed Katja. Her name was Jennifer Fitzsimmons. We learned quite a bit tonight, actually. Where do we start? Let’s start with our main girl, Sarah.

So, Sarah, Felix and Kira are on the road. We find them sleeping in the truck from the last episode in a field. They make their way to a little town, where they end up shoplifting, and then onto what appears to be an abandoned home. They get comfy cozy and then go to bed that night. Well, Felix wakes up Sarah because someone comes home and is coming into the house. Turns out, this home owner, is named Cal, and an ex of Sarahs. We find out later that Cal, is actually Kiras dad! I never thought we’d see him! So, Felix ends up leaving Sarah because he says there’s nothing there for him, and he needs to support Allison. So Sarah and Kira stay with Cal. They start to enjoy their time, even though Cal was hesitant to even let them stay.

Well, as always someone has to put a very large steak knife into the situation whenever someone is starting to be happy. Daniel, Rachels henchmen, is now an “FBI agent” and is on Sarahs trail. He ends up finding her and takes her. He almost got Kira, but Cal stopped that. Cal tried to save Sarah, but just couldn’t. Daniel killed a local officer while he was taking Sarah. The preview for the next episode shows that Daniel and Sarah get into a car accident, and so I’m assuming shes going to walk away safe from him.

Next, onto Alison. Where do we start with poor Alison? Well, Angela approaches Alison while she is out, and Allison being the paranoid clone she is, she assumes that Angela is a second monitor. It isn’t till later in the episode that Alison tells her “I know what you’re doing, and tell your bosses it isn’t going to work”. That’s when Angela tells her she is a cop, just like Beth was, and starts to ask her about their connection as well as what the connection to Sarah is. Alison tells her to stay away, and storms off.

Alison then goes to perform her show the next night. But while she is getting ready she starts drinking and taking pills. She is spiraling, and its only a matter of time before something horrible happens. She actually ends up walking off the stage, and falling right in front of Donny on the floor. She is either going to break down, need a mental institution vacation, or will spill the beans about everything to someone.

Cosima had only a few parts in this episode. She is watching the video diaries Jennifer Fitzsimmons and is trying to find some answers. Her and Delphine start to do an autopsy on Jennifer to try to find some answers. They find something in her uterus, they think that may be the cause to the problem, and to why they can’t have kids. We shall see as time goes on if this is true.

Helena… Oh poor Helena. She learns that Tomas is dead, and she doesn’t seem to be irked by it at all. However, creepy Henrik Johanssen appears to have drugged her, then married her. They were taking part in a “binding” ceremony, it appeared like some version of a wedding. But Helena was not herself, she appeared to have been drugged for this – I don’t think she would have been willing. After the “wedding” she is being carried by Henrik down a long hallway of some sort. This is where we can kind of see what she is feeling, and its not sober. I want to know where he is taking her.

This season so far has been one head turning moment after another. I can’t wait to see what’s in store! And to think, we’re only on episode three!


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