Game of Thrones – The Laws of Gods and Men


A large portion of this episode was devoted to Tyrion’s trial, the second for him, and he should really do a better job at staying out of trouble. But we’ll get to that.

Davos and Stannis sail to Braavos to try and borrow money from the Iron Bank since they are broke as a joke. That room is filled with stoic men who need a lot of convincing. Stannis isn’t used to being dismissed so easily, well actually he is, but Davos makes a lot of good arguments and indeed convinced the bank to fund yet another battle for the Iron Throne. Davos again enlists the help of Salladhor Saan and we get to see lots of lovely boobies.

I’m glad Yara gets to do something but it goes really poorly and she probably regrets making an effort. She takes some Ironmen and goes after the Bastard to get Theon back. She also must have taken the “Rousing Speeches 101” class at the Learning Annex cuz boy would I run after her with a big axe into a fight. There are more boobs and Ramsay getting choked while he bones a chick. We get it, he’s fucked up. Yara makes it all the way to Theon but he won’t go with her because he’s got the Stockholms real bad. He does get a bath, and we get to see alllllll the scars he has now. Good things happen to good people.

It turns out that ruling a huge city is kind of a drag. Dany does her best to answer to the people but THEY ALL WANT SOMETHING FROM HER. This guy says her dragons ate his goats. This guy’s dad was a jerk and got crucified. With great power comes great responsibility. That’s an old Westeros proverb.

We get a great meeting of the small counsel which now includes Prince Oberyn and Mace Tyrell. Bullet points include a Hound spotting, Dany and her troops and more political scheming. Look, it’s Varys!

Jaime fetches Tyrion for trial and we know how it’s going to go as soon as the shackles get put on. History is indeed told by the winners here and a whole list of characcters show up to talk shit. Jaime convinces Tywin to spare Tyrion and give him the same offer that Ned Stark got, but we know how that ended and Tyrion is not convinced. In a final humiliation, Shae takes the stand and lies up and down. She’s the worst. Tywin seems awful pleased with himself and Tyrion can’t take any more. He lashes out at everyone in sight and demands a trial by combat. Let the gods sort it out! It worked out pretty well for him the last time!


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