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In our fourth installment of this season, Ollie is late to the Terminator’s party as he was chasing down gun runners in the Glades. Sebastian Blood isn’t impressed and continues to give our boy a hard time. The supplier of guns is the Mayor of the Glades and is a bad mofo who is out for control. He’s a dick to be a dick, basically. Not a big picture guy.

Felicity realizes that Canary is after Laurel not Ollie and after trapping her, Ollie discovers she’s Sarah, Laurels sister. Dun dun dun! I saw that coming but I’m liking it and will definitely cause complications later down the line. Now they each know who the other is so we’ll get to see some teamwork and probably some catty shit too. Win win!

In Lost Land, Ollie’s boat ride is not going well and he is given a trial by bullet. His captors seem interested in the bones that Shado was examining, and wants to know if the bones were misshapen. What is that about?

Diggle meets up with his contact to learn more about guns. Trackers, blah blah, hackers, sure. Ollie’s idea for a Cash for Guns drive gets a big dose of guns when the Mayor crashes the party and poor Sin gets caught in the cross fire. I like her, short hair and spunky attitude, reminds me of someone…

Laurel goes on a sorta work date with a Nice Guy but she gets wigged out and bolts, and gets pulled over by a cop. Wha wha. The cop calls daddy who accuses her of having a drinking problem but Laurel plays the blame game and now we know that Dresden had a melt down when Sarah “died”. Thanks for the back story!

Canary shows up at Ollie’s lair but we don’t get any info on what the hell happened to her. The duo team up to take down the gun runners in a zesty fight where at one point they switch weapons and show they’re both well rounded ass kickers. That was enjoyable.

Laurel likes pills and red wine. She’s a classy drunk! Look guys, she’s an Assistant District Attorney, she can handle her booze. Maybe she’ll take her shirt off in an upcoming episode if she’s on the sauce! Dresden asks Ollie for help talking to her, making them allies for once.

Oo Star Labs on the news! Neat!

So, Sebastian is full on Brother Blood, but I don’t really know what that means. Based on what I found on the internet tubez it seems like an odd choice of villian but we’ll see?

Hey, remember when Slade was on fire last week? What the hell happened there!?


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