Arrow – Broken Dolls


So Ollie gets double crossed by Laurel, which is a dick move on her part, but who comes to his rescue, none other than Corsety McBlondey, Black Canary. Smexxxy! Ollie asks Roy to get some intel on BC and he uses his superior powers of bribery and theft to find her. Or at least her friend, who then clocks him in the head. Smooth, Roy. Real Smooth.

For this week’s monster, we’ve got a serial killer on our hands! Exciting! And poor Dresden isn’t on the case cuz he’s got history with the killer, our Doll Maker. He attacks hot girls and turns them into dolls. If this isn’t a horror movie it should be, it srsly creeped me out with the whole giant tube to their mouths thing.

Thea visits Moira in the clink, while in court, the prosecutor announces he’s seeking the death penalty. It’s hard to have any sympathy for Moira. Sure, maybe she was a pawn in this whole thing but, ya know, there was an earthquake machine and all that killed a bunch of people and turned the Glades into Thunderdome.

Ollie may not be killing people but he sure likes shooting people in the shoulder. That’s gotta sting. And Dresden decided really quickly that he didn’t have a problem with it.

Felicity offers to go undercover as bait to flush out our serial killer and is sassy as always while she does it. I wish she were Black Canary but she’s too awkward. Maybe she’ll get to shoot someone later on in the season or something. Or kick someone in the nuts. Let’s do it, CW!

We get very little Island Time in this ep, Shado likes skeletons, Ollie’s pussy whipped and oh no, Slade is on fire. Why did they run through the area that was getting bombed!? Come on guys. Now you’re locked in cages on a boat. That’s how they get more tigers for the circus.

Our Doll Maker nabs Laurel and Dresden and Felicity is able to track them down because of skillz. Just when it seems most dire, Ollie shows up but so does Black Canary who kills that jerk dead. Bitch ain’t playing and I appreciate that.

They’re getting all epic and shit with the fight scenes. Better, crunchy music, better choreography, some crazy wire work, not over doing it with the goddamn parkour. I can dig it. Carry on!

Was that a League of Assassins guy who shows up and says Ra’s al Ghul orders here return? Ooooooo. Promising! And then she kills the messenger. Welp, I like the direction this is going.


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