Blue Blood Jenny Trouble Pumpkin Carving Virgin


Nobody does Halloween better than Blue Blood and this year is no exception. The first of their new nude pumpkin carving updates features gorgeous new gothic model Jenny Trouble. She has remarkable Morticia good looks. Despite this, she apparently had never carved a Halloween pumpkin before. This has now been very artistically rectified.

jenny trouble halloween

Sexy newcomer Jenny Trouble helps us prepare for Halloween this year. She’s from Northern England and she admitted that this was her very first time carving a jack-o-lantern! I think she did a pretty admirable job too. What she actually does do is at least as creative though, as it turns out she’s an awesome dog groomer/stylist with a specialty in bling’d out poodles. Happy Halloween everybody! We wish you all the best time and yes, we have some more treats in store and on the way for your goodie sacks this year as well. ~Forrest


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