Blue Blood Creative Pumpkin Carving Double Duo


Not only did Blue Blood do two nude pumpkin carving shoots to celebrate Halloween this year, but they actually did one shoot with two girls. I’m not sure which one is the Shadow and which one is the Seamonster, but they are both very stylish and interesting-looking damsels. I especially like the whacky knobby pumpkin drooling pumpkin spew out of the side of his mouth. I’ve never seen a jack o’lantern quite like that one before. I love that they have the girls carve the pumpkins, so every one is unique. This looks like the best gothic slumber party ever.

shadoww ms halloween

We had a really fun time carving pumpkins with sexy Shadow Cumbie and the adorable Miss Seamonster last week. By the end, there were pumpkin seeds all over the place, even though we decided to save our pumpkin pals from machete carnage. It was a bit like the White House pardoning a turkey. I’m happy nobody ended up cutting their fingers off too, as these gords were tough! Happy Halloween from all of us to all of you!
~Forrest Black


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