Doctor Who Themed Nail Polishes


Lucky13 Laquers is a small company that offers unique colors full of sparkle and with nerdy themes. Their Doctor Who collection will make your nails look like they have tiny solar systems on them in stylish glory. I especially like Quantum Locked, which is a nice gray with just a hint of glitter to add dimension.

Definitely check out their other collections, including, Legend of Zelda, Portal, and Nightmare Before Xmas.

Just a few short months after my obsession with nail polish began I found that I was no longer satisfied with commercially available colors. They didn’t fit exact colors I wanted, so I decided I had to make them myself.

A bit of mixing (and quite a few failures) later and I had my first official collection. Now my head is full of ideas and not enough time to make them all! I still have a deep love for lacquer, as those of you who are my friends will know! If you check out my Kyoti’s Nails blog you’ll see reviews of other brands and cosmetics as well as nail art and nail of the day posts (when I have time for them!)

Every bottle is carefully measured and hand-mixed to create the highest quality lacquers possible. Remember that if the heavier glitters settle to the bottom, turn your bottle upside down, gently roll between your hands, and let sit upside down for a few minutes. Each bottle is made by hand so minor variations are to be expected, though of course I strive for consistency. In an effort to reduce waste and keep garbage out of landfills I do reuse packaging when it is in good condition. This helps the environment and keeps shipping costs at a minimum. Lucky 13 Lacquers are always big-3 free, vegan friendly, and never tested on animals.


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