True Blood Beauty Line Forsaken


I am in the wrong goddamn business. I need to get a gig coming up with dumb shit based on tv and movies that people will buy. (I know I kinda do this already) Cuz guess what? There are already a million colors of RED GODDAMN NAIL POLISH. Oh, what did you say? The nail polishes were developed by celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann? Oh well excuse me! And there is also lip stick, body cream, a scented candle and body veil? Wtf is a body veil? The fact that they are launching the line on HSN is pretty hilarious to me tho.

Look, I get that everyone wants to make a buck, but this is so clearly a case of pandering. This is why my Tardis shirt sells way more than my original robot designs. People want what they recognize. Don’t make the customer think!

What’s next? A Game of Thrones themed energy drink, Dragon Fire? Or a line of giant wine glasses inspired by Cougar Town? Or a line of parasols inspired by the Real Housewives shows for all the shade they throw? Or some teas inspired by all the Real Housewives shows for all the tea they spill?!


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