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I don’t really know what is supposed to go in a privacy policy. But I got some feedback that I should have one. So I am just trying to think of every possible use of data which could ever happen on this site.

If you send me a news tip email, I might mention that the lead came from you, unless you ask me not to.

If you comment on the site, we reserve the right to decide not to approve your comment, to unapprove your comment, to edit your comment, or to display your comment in perpetuity. Not that this has ever come up, in the years I’ve been doing the site, but I’m trying to write a privacy policy here, without the help of a lawyer.

If you comment on the site, you can register or use Facebook or Twitter. The info collected this way could include your IP, email address, Facebook public URL, and where to follow your Twitter. Sometimes we will follow your Twitter, if the SexyFandom Twitter account is not already following you or we will email you privately, if that is more appropriate than a public comment. I can’t think of what else any of that could ever be used for. We reserve the right to some day give or sell this site and I believe that info stays in the database, along with your comments.

The banners served on this site use cookies (and maybe your IP?) for stuff like not showing you the same banner more than once. Pretty much every site on the internet does this, I think. I am pretty sure you are not personally identifiable from just a cookie or cookie and IP. You are certainly not personally identifiable to me, although, in our digital panopticon society, you might want to make sure you do not do anything you’d be upset about other people knowing.

I’ve never requested any personal information from readers in the past and I’d been told that meant that a privacy policy was irrelevant. I just do not want people to say mean things about me, so here it is. If anyone has a suggestion on how to do this better, please email me at the address on the right hand side of every page on the site. Thanks.


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